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Runyes Innova PAD Chair w...


Runyes Innova PAD Chair with Led and Hanging delivery unit and V3 LED Fiber Optic inbuilt scaler including Six Golden Tips, one Endo Attachment


  • Seamless and soft upholstery for patient comfort
  • Synchronized movement of seat and Backrest
  • Adopt ABS engineering plastics and the whole mold making
  • Double articulated headrest for handicapped and pediatric patients
  • Right arm rotatable for easy entry and exist of the patient
  • Touch free (sensor) operation of LED Light with minimum intensity from 8,000- 20,000 Lux
  • 90-degree moveable water unit for 4-hand dentistry
  • 3 customized programs with spitting, last working position and auto return to zero position
  • One-piece PU base, perfect combination of luxury and steadiness
  • All connections in the base of chair
  • Durable and inbuilt foot paddle made of PU material with feather touch control panel on doctor side and assistant side
  • When the handpiece is working, dental chair will automatically keep locked to ensure the operation safety
  • Safety with protection against any obstruction when chair goes down
  • Stainless steel base doctor stool
  • Stainless steel progressive foot control

Delivery Unit

  • Three points for air rotor, one 3 way syringe and one optional point
  • Silicon tubing with non-retraction valve
  • Wide instrument tray
  • Silicon pad on instrument tray to prevent from corrosion and cross contamination
  • Flip type film viewer

Water Unit

  • Water unit have on/off water change, water control buttons
  • Inbuilt water reservoir
  • Temperature contorl for tumbler water for patient comfort

Assistant Arm

  • Rotatable assistant arm with 3 way syringe and low /high suction cannula
  • Detachable filter for easy cleaning
  • Strong high and low vaccum based suction system with time delay function to avoid cross contamination


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