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Mortara H-Scribe and Holt...


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Application Hospital, Clinical, Home
Brand Mortara
Type Automatic, Resting, Ambulatory, PC, Digital, Portable
Number of Channels 3, 12
Measurement Parameters P-R. interval, HR, Q-Tc, P Axis, S(VI), QRS Duration, R(V5), R(VS) + S(VI), QRS Axis, T Duration, P Duration, R(VS), T Axis, Q-T interval

Mortara H3+ Holter recording Small and Lightweight

The H3+™ digital Holter recorder weighs just 1 oz. (28 g) – so small, patients will hardly notice it’s there!

3-Channel Recording

H3+ provides 3-channel recording with standard pacemaker spike detection.

Convenient Waveform Display

Features a full graphic display to preview ECG waveforms during patient hookup.

Impressive 48-Hour Continuous Recording

With just one AAA battery, H3+ supports continuous recording for up to 2 days.

USB Data Transfer

Recordings are downloaded via USB cable to the HScribe™ 5 Holter analysis system. Recordings can also be uploaded from a computer with internet access to a scanning center equipped with Mortara Web Upload. Holter hookup can be performed in any convenient location.

Best-in-class VERITAS™ Analysis

H3+ is compatible with Mortara’s HScribe 5 Holter analysis system featuring best-in-class VERITAS signal processing and analysis capabilities.

Comprehensive Review

Recordings are imported and rapidly analyzed at the HScribe 5 Holter analysis system. HScribe 5 provides sophisticated review and powerful editing tools to ensure accurate, quality reporting.


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