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Meditec England Emergency...


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Modes of ventilation CMV(PC), AV(VC), AV(PC), SIMV(VC), CMV(VC)
Model Name/Number Meditec 1700
Tidal Volume 50 – 2500 mL
Respiratory Rate 2 – 80 bpm
Application Clinical Purpose, Hospital, Veterinary Purpose
Patient Age Group Adult
Operation Mode Electricity Operated, Battery Operated
Automation Grade Automatic
Brand Meditec England


The Meditec 1700 is designed to work in a highly versatile environment. Whether you need Invasive or NonInvasive ventilation the Meditec 1700 delivers.

Power packed with a range of Ventilation modes to suit individual preferences the Meditec 1700 is ideal for use in an ICU, Intra-Hospital transport, Air and Ground transport. Simplicity, In-built air supply, versatility and affordable cost of ownership make Meditec 1700 the best choice.


  • Invasive as well as Non-Invasive Ventilation
  • Pressure & Flow waveforms with Trends Facility
  • Altitude compensation
  • FiO2 Measurement
  • Suitable with both dual as well as single limb breathing circuits
  • Patient History storage capability
  • Automatic Parameters adjustment of patient according to Height & Weight
  • Battery Backup: 3 Hrs
  • Extended battery backup (optional)
  • Touch screen as well as knob operated
  • Shock Resistant (Drop Test compliant)
  • Optional: EtCO2 & SpO2 Measurement
  • Nebulizer: 10–180 minutes
  • Inspiration hold: Measures patient’s lung compliance and resistance, Elasticity, Time constant
  • Key lock: Key & LCD Touch Screen Lock
  • Waveform freeze: Freezes the waveform
  • Alarm silence: Mutes audible alarms for 2 minutes
  • Alarm reset: Clears visual indicators and messages
  • (Source: Meditech England)


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