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GNATUS G8 Dental Chair


Product Specifications:

  • Independent up down movement backrest movement of the chair which can be adjusted by the doctor as per convenience
  • Double articulated headrest for handicapped pediatric patients
  • Removable dentist’s patient’s feet system Automatic right arm rotatable at auto return to zero, for easy entry exit of the patient
  • 7 programs in the chair: 4 programmable working positions, other are spitting, last working position auto return to zero
  • With synchronized movement of back seat (Trendelmburg Position)
  • Chair with anti-crushing movement locking system
  • Soft comfort massage system for seat, back or both simultaneously
  • Integrated bio-system for disinfection of handpiece tubings internally after every treatment
  • Doctor’s stool with adjustable backrest tilt height adjustable, foot ring for attaining a correct working posture by the dentist especially during long dental treatment\
  • 3 axis movement of Cold White 5 LED touchless sensor light (35,000 Lux) with variable intensity
  • Removable autoclavable handles for dental light head
  • With original monitor arm

Multifunctional Foot Control:

  • Emergency red switch to lock the chair in working position in case of any accidental obstruction
  • One switch for 4 working position, one switch for last working/sitting position, one switch for auto return to zero, two independent switches for seat backrest movement
  • One switch for reversal of micro motor, one switch for light on /off
  • Joystick foot pedal for activation of air rotor handpiece with chip blower/water cut facility

Assistant Arm:

  • Chromotherapy switch
  • Water heating system in 3-way syringe Emergency stop on / off
  • 2 points – one for low vacuum suction (saliva) and other for high vacuum suction cannulas only (blood + other debris)
  • Water activation for spittoon cup filler


Overhead Delivery Unit

  • With Pneumatic locking arm to prevent any unnecessary displacement of the Unit
  • Feather touch control panel for easy touch play operations
  • 3 points for air rotor with option for fiber optic handpiece 1 point for inbuilt air motor/micromotor
  • An option for inbuilt scaler for oral prophylaxis One 3 way syringe
  • Removable autoclavable silicone pads for complete germ-free operations
  • A pressure gauge on the side of the delivery unit With Inbuilt LED X-Ray viewer

Water Unit:

  • 180 Degree movable water unit
  • Removable spittoon for easy cleaning
  • Programmable water flow for convenience of operations by the operator
  • Chromotherapy system for stimulating comfort well being


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