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Genoray Papaya OPG Machin...


Genoray Papaya OPG Machine

The unit provides accurate tomographic Cross-Sectional information for Diagnosis, Implant planning follow-up of implants other than accurate measurement of Dimension of Lesions Planning of surgical procedures. Complementing the Panorama image and provides a Tomographic image required for precise implant planning.

When planning the implant, CUST image helps the understanding of Jaw structures with the sectional image provided. PAPAYA Panorama is economical compared to expensive CBCT.

Product Features:

  • Panaromic Imaging
  • Cubical Semi – Tomography Imaging
  • Multi-Focus Function
  • User Friendly
  • Latest Face to face positioning
  • Fit each individual’s jaw shape
  • Voice support system
  • Wheelchair accessible

Exposure Programs:

Standard Panoramic | Orthogonal Bitewing | Bitewing Right | Bitewing Left |Child Orthogonal |TMJ Lateral | TMJ Lateral Double | Segmentation | TMJ PA | TMJ PA Double | TMJ Lat. PA |TMJ Lat. PA Double | Sinus Lateral | Sinus Lateral Mid, Sinus PA | Child, Female, Male Athlet

Technical Specifications:

  • Exposure Time: 5 sec
  • Exposure: 66-76 kV/6-10
  • Values: mA


Projection Image:

  • No. of Projection images: 10
  • Scan Time: 1min 20sec
  • Exposure Time: 3 sec/projection, 30 sec totally
  • Exposure Values: 66-85 kV/6-10 mA


Reconstruction (Cross-sectional) Image:

  • Field of View: 50x50x103mm/256x256x530 voxels
  • Voxel Pitch : 0.195mm
  • Measurement Error: less than 1mm
  • Reconstruction Time: less than 1 min (GTX650), less than 1 min 40 Sec (GTX640)
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