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Carefusion LTV 950 Ventil...


Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Unit
Brand Carefusion
Model Name/Number Carefusion LTV 950
Patient Age Group Adult, Paediatric
Tidal Volume 50 – 2000 mL
Ventilation Modes Control, Assist/Control, SIMV, CPAP, NPPV
Respiratory Rate 0 to 80 bpm


The LTV Series Ventilator is a restricted medical device designed for use by adults and pediatrics weighing a minimum of 5 kg (11 lbs), needing Positive Pressure ventilation (delivered invasively or non-invasively) The machine is

  • Suitable forservice in institutional, homecare and transport settings as a source of continuous or intermittent ventilator support.
  • Intended for operation only by Respiratory Therapists or other properly trained and qualified personnel under the direction of a physician

Series Ventilator is a lightweight, high performance ventilator that is designed to provide the maximum functionality in the smallest possible package. The LTV Series Ventilator provides the following features


  • Turbine technology allows the LTV Series Ventilator to operate without an external compressed gas source.
  • CPAP, SIMV, Pressure Control, Pressure Assist / Control and Apnea Backup ventilation modes.
  • NPPV mode ventilation, providing an alarm package suitable for mask ventilation of patients that do not require life support ventilation.
  • Volume Control, Pressure Control (optional) and Pressure Support ventilation.
  • Variable alarm settings including High Peak Pressure, Low Peak Pressure, Low Minute Volume, Apnea, High Breath Rate, and High PEEP.
  • Oxygen Blending from a High-Pressure Oxygen source, Low-Pressure Oxygen Blend-in, O2 Flush, and O2 Cylinder Duration Monitoring on the LTV1000, and Low-pressure Oxygen Blend-in on the LTV950 and 900 series
  • Optional Monitors for Breath Rate (f), IE Ratio, MAP, Minute Ventilation (VE), PEEP, PIP and Tidal Volume (Vte).
  • Real-time patient circuit pressure display with Peak Inspiratory Pressure indicator.
  • Variable termination conditions for Pressure Support breaths, including maximum inspiratory time termination and percentage of peak flow.
  • Selectable Percentage of Peak Flow termination for Pressure control breaths.
  • Leak Compensation to improve triggering when a circuit leak is present.
  • Single or dual tone output capabilities.
  • Operation from a variety of power sources including AC power, internal battery and external DC power sources.
  • Patient Range Adult, Pediatric
  • Breath rate 0 to 80 bpm
  • Tidal volume 50 to 2,000 Ml
  • Weight 6 kg
  • Alarms Apnea interval, High pressure limit, Low peak pressure, Low minute volume, High rate
  • Inspiratory time 0.3 to 9.9 seconds (100 lpm)
  • PC/PS/Spont. Flow 160 lpm
  • PEEP 0 to 20 cmH2O


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